Both undergraduate and graduate programs for educators require field experiences. Such experiences provide students with an understanding of school processes and structure and provide practice with facilitating instruction. The Leicester School Department recognizes the mutual benefits of these relationships but also understand the importance of ensuring that all pre-service educators are carefully matched with their supervising practitioners and that the number of pre-service teachers in each building is balanced.

Preferably, at any one time in any school there should be no more than one student teacher for every 15 or so teachers.
Criteria for Leicester teacher or administrator to be a supervising practitioner:

 Interest by educator
 3 full years of experience under the appropriate initial or professional license for endorsement being sought be the candidate,
 Summative performance rating of “Proficient” or “Exemplary” as defined by the DESE new evaluation tool (2016)
 Approval of building administrator

Each Leicester teacher should supervise a student teacher no more than twice in a five-year period.

Each March, teachers will be asked if they would be interested in serving as supervising practitioners during the upcoming year. The administrative team will then discuss the appropriateness of these potential supervising practitioners. In this way, possible supervising practitioners will be identified prior to requests so that such requests can be considered quickly.

Requests will be processed at each school. All field placement requests must be forwarded to the principal. Whenever requests are made directly to the educator, the educator will redirect the request to the principal. After considering school and subject-specific initiatives, the number of student teachers in the building, and the interest of a potential cooperating teacher, the principal may approve the placement. The suitability of a cooperating teacher will depend upon their years of experience and their prior experiences with student placements, among other factors listed above. Once a placement is made, the name of the student teacher, contact information, and duration of the placement will be forwarded to supervising practitioners.

ADOPTED: June 3, 2014