In accordance with state law, the School Committee will approve a private school when it is satisfied that the instructional program of the school equals that of the town's public schools in thoroughness, efficiency, and progress made. Additionally, the School Committee may, with the approval of the department enter into an agreement with any other school committee to jointly provide special education or, subject to the consent of the parent or guardian affected thereby and subject to constitutional limitations, may enter into an agreement with any public or private school, agency, or institution to provide the necessary special education within the city, town or school district; provided, however, that the School Committee, where feasible, is associated with an educational collaborative providing services to children with a disability which disability occurs in a low incidence in the population of children requiring special education.

The School Committee may establish and maintain an independent vocational-technical schools in collaboration with one or more other towns, in accordance with state law.

The Committee recognizes that many worthwhile contributions are made to this community by parochial and other private schools. Therefore, it will cooperate with these schools in matters of mutual benefit when law does not expressly prohibit this cooperation.

LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L.40:4E; 71B:4;74:4 through74:7A;76:1
ADOPTED: June 8, 2015