Restrictions on Use:
  1. No facility or field of the school system shall be used for any purpose which could result in picketing, rioting, disturbing of the peace, damage to property, or the content of which in any manner would cast any reflection upon the race, color, or creed of any individual.
  2. Custodial staff shall be on duty whenever a school building is in use by any group other than the administrative staff. Specifically, the purpose of this policy is to clarify the responsibility for building security before and after the regular instructional day. Any exception to this policy must have the written approval of the Superintendent or his designee.
  3. School buildings shall not be used for:
    1. Parties or celebrations which are private in nature, i.e., weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
    2. Gambling, lotteries, raffles, the playing of bingo or other games of chance.
  4. By School Committee policy and state law, no alcoholic beverages nor the use of tobacco products are permitted in school buildings or on school grounds.

Master Calendar:
The building principals shall maintain a master calendar for use of all school facilities in the system. This shall indicate the nature of the facility, its period of usage for school purposes and/or non-school purposes and time of its availability for other activities in accordance with School Committee policy. The Superintendent will maintain a master calendar for use of athletic fields. This master calendar shall be the basis upon which the availability of a school facility is determined.

Fees, Wages, and Other Charges:
  1. Fees for use of the school facilities will not be charged to the following groups/activities*:
    1. School sponsored clubs, class or grade activities, etc.
    2. Teacher/parent groups meeting for a school sponsored activity.
    3. Organizations whose primary purpose is to raise monies for the schools.
    4. Activities whose sole purpose is to raise monies for the schools.
    5. Meetings of former graduating classes and other such directly related school groups.
    6. Meetings of official town groups or organizations such as selectmen, police department, etc.
    7. Activities directed by Leicester Parks and Recreation with the provision that all such activities take place at a time when additional coverage is not necessary and that the high school facilities not be used unless for major functions. The Leicester School Committee reserves the right to review and ask for additional information on any For Profit Organizations sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department and assign fees to those activities in accordance with its fee schedule.

*However, if the activities take place at a time when custodial services are not present, the group will be required to reimburse the School Department for the amount spent for this service according to the N.A.G.E custodians’ contract.

2. All other groups or activities will be charged a fee as per the attached schedule.
3. All rental fee schedules shall be reviewed periodically by the School Committee.
4. All custodial and cafeteria fees shall be established by the School Committee.
5. Custodial charges will be based per the N.A.G.E. Custodians’ Contract.
6. Whenever the use of kitchen facilities is permitted, a cafeteria fee and labor charges shall be assessed.
7. The administration may require that any group using school facilities employ additional custodial, cafeteria, police, or other service personnel if he/she determines it necessary for reasons of safety, security, or other good cause.

ADOPTED: November 13, 2014