Parental involvement is critical to a child’s success in school; parents are our student’s first and most important teacher. The Leicester Public Schools and the Leicester Title I Program are committed to building a partnership with parents to achieve the goals of having high expectations for all children and to help them achieve success. A child’s success is linked to the relationship between the teacher and the parent, as well as organized support provided by the school district and school building administrators.
To support the partnership between home and school Leicester Public Schools will:
• maintain schools that are open, helpful and friendly
• provide parents with opportunities to play a variety of roles (teacher, learner, decision-maker, supporter, advocate)
• support parental participation on school councils, parent teacher organizations, parent advisory councils
• maintain and strive to continually improve two-way communication with all parents
• create opportunities and programmatic structures at schools to enable parents to participate actively in their children’s education
Title I Parent Involvement
Leicester Public Schools will support parental involvement as stated above. In addition, the Title I Program will actively strive to increase parental involvement in Title I schools through:
• Involvement in planning, implementation and evaluation of all Title I Programs
• School-Parent Compacts
• Annual Meeting
• Family Outreach Events
• Distribution of Parents’ Right to Know
Parents’ Right to Know

Parents have the “right to know”:
• if their child’s teacher has met state qualifications and licensing criteria for the grade level and subjects taught
• if a teacher is teaching under emergency or provisional status
• if a school has been identified as in need of improvement
• if their child is eligible for school choice or supplemental services
• if their child has been taught for four or more weeks by, a teacher who is not highly qualified
• their child’s level of achievement on each of the State’s academic achievements
• if their child is placed in an English Language Learner program and their right “to opt out” and chose an alternative method of instruction for their child. The district will supply this information to all effected parents.

LEGAL REFS: NCLB, section 1118(a)(2) and (b)(1), ESEA; Guidance, c-3 and C-4(LEA), and D-1 (school)

ADOPTED: June 24, 2013