The Department of Public Health, acting under the authority of Section 57, Chapter 71 of the M.G.L., requires that children be examined by a physician within six months prior to school entrance or during the first year and every three or four years thereafter. In the Leicester Public Schools, examinations are required for entrance into Pre-K, Kindergarten, grade 4, grade 8, grade 11, and within one year of participation in athletics. Examinations may also be required under certain circumstances such as repeated absences due to unexplained illness as well as upon referral for poor school performance.
Records of physical examinations are kept in the student's individual health record and recorded in the health office database.

Every student who plans to participate in a sport must provide a current physical exam in order to be eligible. According to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), physicals are valid for 13 months. If a physical expires during a particular season, the athlete will be pulled from play until an updated physical is provided to the school nurse.

ADOPTED: Prior to 2013
REVISED: November 10, 2015