The School Committee supports fund-raising in the community by students for school activities when necessary and when done in moderation. Such fund-raising may take the form of:

1. Sale of tickets to scheduled athletic events and school dramatic and musical performances.
2. Sale of advertising space in school publications.
3. Other fund-raising activities approved by the Superintendent.
4. Proposals to raise funds for charitable purposes or for benefit of the school or community (for example: American Field Service activities, United Nations, or scholarship funds) provided such proposals have been individually approved by the building Principal and Superintendent.
Such requests for fund-raising activities must first be approved by the Superintendent before approval by the Leicester School Committee.
If a school related organization receives initial approval for a ticket sale, collection, solicitation or raffle or a similar activity, then the Leicester School Committee may grant permission to the Superintendent for approval thereafter.

SOURCE: MASC (with modifications)
CROSS REFS.: JP, Student Gifts and Solicitations
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ADOPTED: June 24, 2013