Denial of Admission

Denial of admission means the withholding of the privilege of enrolling in a school of the District.

The following shall be the grounds for denial of admission to school or diversion to an appropriate alternative program:

Graduation from the twelfth grade of any school or receipt of any document evidencing completion of the equivalent of a secondary curriculum;

Failure to meet the requirements of age by a student who has reached the age of six years at a time after the beginning of the school year, as fixed by the School Committee as provided in Massachusetts General Laws;

Having been expelled during the same school year from this District or any district in the Commonwealth;

Not being a resident of the District and the District has opted not to participate in the School Choice Law or the particular grade has been closed to School Choice participation;

Failure to comply with the provisions of the Massachusetts School Entry Immunization Law.

LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 71:37H;76:12;76:12A;76:12B
603 CMR26:00
ADOPTED: April 14, 2015