The School Committee recognizes the school's obligation to give periodic reports of a student's progress and grades. These reports are a vital form of communication between the schools and parents/guardians and must be based upon full and accurate information, while maintaining proper confidentiality.

Reports depicting the student's progress will be available at mid-term and at the close of each term. These are available through the student information system and a paper report will be provided upon request. In addition to these periodic reports, failure warnings will be provided to the parents/guardians of students by the midpoint of the course. Parents/guardians are encouraged to access to the online grading tool through which a student’s progress may also be monitored.

When students in grades K-5 are identified as in need of interventions, parents/guardians will receive notification, which includes information about how the need was determined. In addition, they will be provided with intervention progress reports at mid-term and at the close of each term. Notification will also be provided if a student makes sufficient progress to exit interventions. This will include information about how the decision to exit interventions was determined.

ADOPTED: Prior to 2013
REVISED: March 8, 2016