Access to your child's grades and attendance through PowerSchool is being provided to you as a means of enhancing communication between parents, teachers, students and administrators. It is not meant to be a replacement or substitute for telephone conversations, parent/teacher meetings or any other direct interaction with the school. It is intended to serve as a tool to help all of us in our efforts to support your child's education.

By creating a PowerSchool account, you agree to the following:
  1. Username and passwords are to be kept confidential.
    • Users of this system shall not use a username or password that is registered to another individual. Individual student information should be kept confidential. Parents will not share their username and password with a child. Parent accounts have a level of access that students should not have.
    • The district accepts no responsibility in the event a username or password is shared, given, stolen, or in any other way, becomes known to a person other than the owner.
    • In the event an account is compromised or you forget your username/password, please send an email to powerschool@lpsma.net. Please allow 48 hours for a response.
  2. Users of the system will not attempt to alter, harm or destroy data. If a user identifies a security problem,he/she will notify the building principal immediately.
  3. Access to PowerSchool will be monitored. The access log lists user, date of login, time accessed, and duration of login.
  4. You must adhere to the following protocol in the order listed for concerns regarding your child's grades:
    • Please speak with your child first.
    • Have your child talk to his/her teacher for clarification.
    • Check the teacher's grading policy described in his/her course expectations (if available).
    • Parents and guardians may email the teacher or request a meeting for further clarification.
    • After the previous steps have been taken, a parent/guardian may contact school administration by phone or by email.
  5. Teachers are expected to update their gradebooks no more than 10 school days after the completion of a test, quiz, or homework assignment. Longer assessments/projects will be updated in a 15 school-day period. Please be patient and do not contact teachers requesting a grade sooner than what is outlined above.
  6. During maintenance periods, over the summertime, and at the end of the grading windows, current grades and students schedules may not be available. A schedule of these times will be made available. Please plan ahead if you need grades for a summer sports team or program.
  7. Attendance concerns should be addressed by calling your child’s school. Attendance is accurate up to the close of the previous school day.

Terms of Use:
  • I understand that the school district is providing this access as a privilege, and if it is abused, my account will be suspended and/or terminated.
  • I understand that Leicester Public Schools is not liable for any damages to my personal equipment incurred when connected to the PowerSchool System.
  • In consideration of having access to my child's grades and attendance, I hereby release Leicester Public School District and its officers, employees, and agents from any claims and damages from my use of the system.
  • I understand that the school will no longer print out and mail progress reports and report cards home at the middle and end of each term.
  • I understand if misuse of the above conditions occurs, access will be terminated.

This system is provided only as an educational support for you and your child. The information provided is not an official record. For official student records please contact your school.

ADOPTED: March 8, 2016