The policy of the Leicester Public Schools is to provide a wide range of learning resources, both digital and print, to meet the needs of students and teachers.

Responsibility for the review and selection of textbooks to be purchased shall rest with the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in consultation with the building principal. The Director is encouraged to collaborate with district staff in the decision-making process. The Director may establish a review committee to assist in the process to determine the textbooks that best meet the curriculum guidelines of the District. The review committee should include teachers who will use the texts and other staff members as found desirable.

Principles that apply generally to the selection of instructional materials and library materials shall apply to textbooks. Additionally, basic textbooks and textbook support materials shall be chosen:
  • To advance the educational objectives of the school system and particular standards and objectives of the course program;
  • To contribute toward continuity, integration, and articulation of the curriculum; and
  • To establish a general framework for the particular course or program.

Because the instructional purposes of textbooks, as stated above, are of such importance, particular care shall be taken in their selection as to content.

Although many points must be examined, the School Committee directs the staff to be mindful of the following considerations:
  • The needs of all learners must be provided for.
  • Attention should be given to gender roles depicted in the materials.
  • The textbook and textbook support materials should lead the student and teacher beyond the textbook into a wide variety of other materials and educational experiences.
  • If the textbook deals with problems and issues of our times, it should present and encourage examination of varied points of view.
  • Because textbooks are selected for several years’ use, special attention also shall be given their physical characteristics, durability, format and price.
  • When new materials are chosen to replace existing materials, the replaced materials will be withdrawn from the existing collection.

Challenge Procedure:

1. Any resident of the community or employee of the school district who has a complaint regarding instructional materials will be encouraged to first discuss their concern with the building principal.
2. Following such discussion, if the complainant wishes to pursue the issue, he/she shall provide a written explanation of their complaint to the building principal and shall be informed of the review procedure, as stated in items 3 and 4 below.
3. When a written complaint is filed, the principal will be responsible for convening a Media Review Committee comprised of the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, a building level administrator, up to two professional staff members (teachers and/or librarian), a student, and a member of the school’s advisory council.
4. The Media Review Committee shall be provided with a copy of the complaint and a meeting convened to recommend action related to the complaint. The principles and considerations in the Textbook Policy above shall guide the Committee’s recommendation.

LEGAL REFS.: 71:48;30B:7;71:50
603 CMR26:05
CROSS REF.: KEC, Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional Materials
ADOPTED: Prior to 2013
REVISED: November 10, 2015