TITLE I Program

Leicester Public Schools adheres to the “Supplement not Supplant” requirement as established by NCLB and Title I. Title I funds do not supplant public education services that are provided to all students. The district uses Title I funds only to supplement, and to the extent practical, increase the level of funds that would, in the absence of Title I funds, be made available from non-federal sources for the education of children participating in Title I programs. The federal grant programs in the Consolidated Local Application supplement the regular school budget, rather than supplant the budget. Leicester’s Title I Program is a Targeted Assistance Program and meets the supplement not supplant requirement. The Targeted Assistance Program operates in two of the district’s schools—Leicester Primary School (K-2) and Leicester Memorial School (3-5). As a Targeted Assistance Program, funds are used to provide in-class reading and math support to Title I students by paraprofessionals, under the direction of a classroom teacher and tutors (certified teachers). Leicester’s Targeted Assistance Program meets the following requirements, as outlined in Title I:

§ Uses Title I funds to help participating children meet the State’s student performance standards
§ Is based on effective strategies for improving achievement of children
§ Ensures that planning for students in the Targeted Assistance Program is incorporated into existing school planning
§ Through in-class support, uses effective instructional strategies and provides an accelerated, high quality curriculum and minimizes the use of pull-out model
§ Coordinates with and supports the regular educational program
§ Provides instruction by highly qualified staff
§ Provides opportunities for professional development for administrators, teachers and
paraprofessionals who work with children in the Targeted Assistance Program
§ Provides strategies to increase parental involvement, including family literacy services
§ Serves only children who are most at risk of failing to meet the State’s performance standards
§ Provides supplemental services through in-class support to meet the special educational needs of children who are participating in the program to enable those children to meet the State’s performance standards
§ Uses the State’s system of assessment to review the effectiveness of the program

ADOPTED: June 24, 2013
LEGAL REF.: P.L. 107-110 (NCLB) Section 101