Constant adaptation and development of the curriculum is necessary if the District is to meet the needs of the students in its schools. To be successful, curriculum development must be a collaborative enterprise involving staff and administrators utilizing their professional expertise.

The curriculum of at least one content area will be reviewed each year on a rotating basis. The order of review will be determined by a number of factors, including state adoption of new standards, time elapsed since last review, and performance data. Materials, technology, textbooks, and other resources necessary for the successful implementation of curriculum will be considered at the time of the curriculum review.

The Committee expects its faculty and administration to regularly evaluate the education program and to recommend modifications of practice and changes in curriculum content as well as the addition or deletion of courses to the instructional program.

ADOPTED: Prior to July, 2013
REVISED: January 12, 2016
LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. __69:1E__
603 CMR 26:05