The Leicester Public School District offers a diversified educational program compatible with the needs of the community and state standards. The organizational plan is designed to facilitate the philosophy of educating every student, each to his/her fullest potential. The structure will consist of multiple levels (for example, Primary/Elementary, Middle and Secondary levels).

The Primary/Elementary level includes schools with kindergarten through grade five. There are two Leicester schools at the Primary/Elementary level. The Leicester Primary School includes grades PK through grade two. The Leicester Memorial School includes grades three through five. The Middle level consists of schools for grades six, seven and eight. There is one Leicester school, Leicester Middle School, with grades six, seven and eight. The Secondary level consists of schools with grades nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. There is one Leicester school, Leicester High School, with grades nine through twelve.

The diverse needs of students will be met through tiered systems of support, including special education services, across each grade level in all schools.

The organization is designed to meet the standards established within the Curriculum Frameworks as required by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and to serve the needs of all students.

ADOPTED: Prior to 2013
REVISED: November 10, 2015