In establishing rates of pay and levels of compensation for support staff personnel, the School Committee will take into account the responsibilities of the position, the qualifications needed, past experience of the individual, and years of service in the school department.

Compensation plans will be reviewed at least once every three years for all categories of staff. Such review, where applicable, will be carried out in connection with negotiations with representatives of recognized bargaining units. The master agreements with these units will be considered appendices to this manual and will have the full force of School Committee policy.

The School Committee will set the rates of pay for hourly employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements. The Superintendent shall negotiate individual contracts for salaried employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements at least once every three years, ensuring that salaries are kept within the confines of the budget established by the School Committee. The Superintendent may, upon the request of the Committee, survey other school systems to determine salaries being paid for comparable positions in each system.

SOURCE: MASC (adapted)
LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 71:38
CONTRACT REFS.: All Contracts

Adopted: November 13, 2014