This Employee Benefits Policy describes benefits of employment with the Leicester Public School district (“District”). The benefits described in the Employee Benefits Policy may be changed, amended or discontinued by the School Committee at any time unless otherwise restricted or prohibited by law. This Employee Benefits Policy applies to all non-union and non-contract employees of the District, except temporary or casual employees.


Section 1 – Non-Discrimination – The District will not discriminate against employees because of sex, sexual orientation as defined by law, age as defined by law, race, color, religion, handicap, national origin, or genetic information or any other legally-protected classification.

Section 2 – Equal Employment – The District is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities, which includes providing reasonable accommodations. In general, it is your responsibility to notify your immediate supervisor and/or the Director of Finance and Operations of the need for an accommodation. Your supervisor or the Director of Finance and Operation may ask you for input on the type of accommodation you believe may be necessary or the functional limitations caused by your disability. Also, when appropriate, the District may require additional information from your physician or other medical provider. Matters relating to reasonable accommodations are not subject to the Dispute Resolution Procedures forth below in Section XVII.

Section 3 – Harassment-Free Workplace – It is the District’s policy to prohibit sexual harassment and harassment based on the protected-class status (i.e., legally protected-classifications such as race, color, etc.) of any employee by another employee, official, contractor or vendor. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that no employee is subjected to harassment of any kind in the workplace. Such harassment of an employee will not be tolerated. There will be no adverse investigation of such violations. Retaliation of any kind is also prohibited.

Section 4 – Policies – The District issues separate Sexual Harassment and Protected-Class Harassment Policies to each new employee and to all existing employees each year. Updated policies are available on a link on the School Committee webpage.

II.Employment Status and Work Schedule

Section 1 – Employment At Will – Either you or the District may terminate your employment without cause and without notice. However, every effort will be made by the District to provide at least two (2) weeks written notice for discharge due to fiscal, programmatic, or other reasons. Likewise, the District asks that if you decide to resign your position, please extend us the professional courtesy of providing at least two (2) weeks written notice.

Section 2 – Work Year – Employees covered by this employee benefits manual are “academic year (10-month) employees” based upon the work year established by the District. The District shall determine each employee’s work year and work schedule and reserves the right to adjust the schedule as needed to serve the best interest of the District. Such academic year employees may work a certain number of days (i.e. 170, 180, or 190 days) and hours (i.e. 6 hours per day, 6.5 hours per day, 7 hours per day) as established by the District. Hourly employees may take on additional assignments during the summer months or before or after school at the rates established by the district for those additional assignments.


Section 1 – Pay – Employees will be paid in accordance with the Pay Schedules established in this Policy.

Section 2 – Overtime – Employees will be paid one and one-half (1 ½) times their regular rate for hours worked in excess of forty (40) per week as required by law.

Section 3 – Time Increments – Employees will be paid in one-half (1/2) hour increments or in such shorter time increments if the District so determines. Employees must sign in upon each arrival to and sign out upon each departure from the building to document hours worked. For school delays or early release days called for inclement weather or other extraordinary circumstances, employees may be released from their duties without loss of pay at the discretion of their immediate supervisor.

IV.Paid Leaves of Absence

Section 1 – Sick Leave

  1. Number of Days – Employees shall accrue one and a half (1.5) days of sick leave per month to a maximum of fifteen (15) days per year. Part-time employees shall accrue sick leave on a prorated basis. Sick leave will not be available for use until the month following the accrual.
  2. Sick Leave Coverage – Sick Leave includes personal illness and immediate family (immediate family is defined as spouse, child, parent, brother, sister or any other person/relative living in the same household, including foster and step-relations), illness requiring employee absence. Family sick leave (bedside care days) may not exceed 5 days each fiscal year.
  3. Sick Leave Notification – An employee requesting the use of a sick day will make every reasonable effort to request the leave through Aesop or by email and speak with their supervisor or his/her designee at least two (2) hours prior to the start of the employee’s work day in order to allow the District to obtain coverage.
  4. Sick Leave Doctor’s Note – A doctor’s note shall be presented for any absence of three (3) or more days if requested by the employee’s immediate supervisor or Superintendent, or when, in the opinion of the supervisor, the absence may be questionable. The immediate supervisor or Superintendent may also require that the employee present a certificate of fitness before the employee is permitted to return to work.
  5. Sick Leave Accumulation - Unused sick leave days may be accumulated from year to year. Employees may accumulate sick leave to a maximum of one hundred fifty (150) days.
  6. Section 5 – Bereavement – Employees shall be eligible for bereavement leave. If an employee is regularly scheduled to work fewer than five (5) days per week, said employee shall only be entitled to a prorated number of days of bereavement leave. Bereavement leave will be allowed as follows:
  7. a. A five (5) day leave shall be allowed without loss of pay for any period of consecutive days to include the day of the funeral or other similar ceremony, and days immediately before or after the day of the funeral or funerals, in the event of death in the “immediate family”. Immediate family is defined as spouse, child, parent, brother, sister or any other person/relative living in the same household. Immediate family shall include step-relations and foster children.
  8. b. A three (3) day leave shall be allowed without loss of pay for any period of consecutive days, to include the day of the funeral or other similar ceremony, and days immediately before or after the day of the funeral or funerals in the event of death of a grandparent, grandchild, father-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, or son-in-law.
  9. c. A one (1) day leave shall be allowed without loss of pay for the funeral or other similar ceremony in the event of death of an aunt, uncle, spouse of aunt or uncle, niece, nephew, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, or first cousin.
  10. d. Additional days may be granted by an employee’s immediate supervisor with the approval of the Superintendent. Bereavement leave shall not accumulate from year to year. Bereavement pay shall not be in addition to vacation or holiday pay.

Section 6 – Personal Leave – Employees shall be eligible for Personal Leave.

  1. Employees working more than 20 hours per week may be granted up to three (3) days leave of absence per year, prorated for employees working less than full time, for personal matters, which require absence during work hours. Personal days should not be taken for vacation-type activities.
  2. A request for personal leave must be made to employee’s immediate supervisor at least 48 hours before taking such leave, except in case of emergency as determined by the supervisor or Superintendent. No personal leave may be used in conjunction with vacation or holidays or during the first or last week of any school year except at the discretion of the Superintendent. No more than 2 personal days may be taken at a time. Personal days shall not be cumulative.

Section 7 – Jury Duty – All employees shall be eligible for jury duty leave.

  1. Local Jury Duty – An employee who shall be required to serve on a jury on days s/he is scheduled to work, in accordance with Chapter 234A of the Massachusetts General Laws, shall be paid his/her base wages for the first three (3) days, or a part thereof, of such juror service, at his/her regular straight time rate. For the fourth (4) and subsequent days of such juror service, the employee shall be paid the difference between the amount received as juror compensation, less any juror travel allowance, and the employee’s base wages for a period of up to fourteen (14) days.
  2. Federal Jury Duty – Any employee required to serve on any federal jury on days s/he is scheduled to work shall be paid the difference between the amount paid for juror service, less any juror travel allowance, and the employee’s base rate for a period of up to fourteen (14) days.
  3. Jury Duty Compensation – An employee seeking compensation in accordance with this section shall notify his/her direct supervisor and the Director of Finance and Operations after receipt of the notice of selection for jury duty, and shall furnish a written statement to the District showing dates of juror service, time served, and amount of juror compensation received.

V.Other Leaves of Absence

Section 1 – Other Leaves of Absence – Upon written request, leave of absence without pay may be granted by the employee’s immediate supervisor, subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Schools. All requests for extensions or renewals, of leaves other than sick leave, will be applied for in writing and, if approved, granted in writing.

Section 2 – Maternity Leave

  1. A. All full-time employees are eligible for maternity leave in accordance with Section 105F of Chapter 149 of the General Laws of the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  2. B. A leave request should be processed through the office of the employee’s immediate supervisor and copied to the Director of Finance and Operations at least two (2) weeks prior to the anticipated date of departure along with the employee’s notice of intent to return.

Section 3 – Military Leave – All employees are entitled to military leave.

  1. All employees who are members of a reserve military force who are ordered to attend military training or to perform other military duties shall be granted a leave of absence for a period not to exceed seventeen (17) days in any school year.
  2. The District shall pay an employee on military leave for training the difference between any pay received for such military duty and the employee’s regular hours and base rate of pay for up to seventeen (17) days in any school year in accordance with Section 59 of Chapter 33 of the Massachusetts General Laws.
  3. Employees called to active military service will be granted leave in accordance with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

Section 4 – Family and Medical Leave Act – The District shall provide Family and Medical leave in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) and the District’s FMLA Policy. (For more information see District FMLA Policy).

Section 5 – Small Necessities Leave Act – The District shall provide leave in accordance with the Massachusetts Small Necessities Leave Act, M.G.L. c.149, §52D (SNLA).

Section 6 – Responsibilities Regarding Leaves – During any approved unpaid leave, the employee is responsible for full cost of any benefits to which s/he wishes to subscribe unless otherwise required by law.

VI.Insurance Plan
  1. Health Care Insurance – The District will provide health insurance in accordance with Chapter 32B of the Massachusetts General Laws, and as currently being provided by the Town of Leicester. Employees hired prior to July 1, 2012 contribute 25% toward the total cost of the health care plan while those hired on or after July 1, 2012 contribute 30% toward the total cost of the health care plan.
  2. Health Care Providers – The District has the right to change health care insurers, providers, plans, premium contribution rates, benefits, physicians and hospital providers.
  3. Annuity Plans – Employees are eligible to participate in an Annuity Plan pursuant to P.L. 87-370.

  1. Work Breaks – Full-time employees shall receive (1) fifteen (15) minute break for each 4-hour period each day, to be scheduled by their immediate supervisor.
  2. Meal Breaks – Employees shall receive a thirty (30) minute, unpaid meal break when scheduled to work six (6) or more hours in a day. An employee is free to leave the workplace during the break. If the employee is required to remain on the premises at the request of their supervisor during the meal break, the meal break shall be compensated.

VIII.Mileage Reimbursement
  1. Travel Expense – Mileage will be paid to employees on official business, approved in advance by your immediate supervisor, at a rate approved by the Leicester Town Select Board, plus tolls.

IX.Personnel File
  1. Employee Files - If material derogatory or commendatory regarding an employees’ conduct and/or performance is placed in the personnel file, the employee shall be provided a copy of such material. Employees have an opportunity to provide a written response to any document placed in their personnel file by the District. Employees will receive a copy of their file if requested.

Title I Tutors and Health Assistant
Data Technician and CO Confidential Secretary
Speech and Language Assistant

Adopted: November 13, 2014
Revised: June 2016