The Superintendent shall establish and maintain a “personnel folder” for each certifiable staff member. Among the kinds of information which can be included in the personnel folder are:
  • A resume which includes educational background and work experience
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Teaching certificate or duplicate thereof
  • Health examinations, sick leave and other leave records
  • Hospital insurance information
  • Income withholding information
  • Evaluations, ratings or letters of appraisals and retirement records

Teachers shall be required to provide information for personnel folders on request by the Superintendent.
The Superintendent shall, at the written request of the teacher, permit the teacher by appointment to inspect the contents of his/her personnel folder, files, cards, and records, and to make copies of such contents and records as concern his/her work or himself/herself.
Confidential initial hiring information will be handled in accordance with the regulations or desires of the institutions or persons originally submitting the references.

Adopted: Prior to 2013