The Leicester Public School District believes that mutual respect between and among administrators, managers, employees, co-workers and supervisors is integral to the efficient conduct of the schools. The District believes that all schools need to be orderly, peaceful environments where high-quality education can take place in a safe, caring, professional, and respectful manner.

The District expects civility from all employees. Mutual respect, professionalism, and common courtesy are essential qualities that all staff needs to demonstrate in providing an educational and work environment free from disruptions, harassment, bullying, and aggressive actions. Concerns that are shared in a hostile manner through the use of abusive language, insults, threats, badgering, loud discourse or through public forums including social media will not be tolerated.

Workplace bullying is defined as, but not limited to, unwanted, offensive, humiliating, and undermining behavior towards an individual or groups of employees. Workplace bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our District. All employees are expected to discuss issues with colleagues in a cordial and respectful manner. Employees who engage in bullying conduct toward any employee or student will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal.

The Leicester Public School District has a chain of command that enforces responsibility and accountability so that everyone knows whom they should report to and what duties are expected at that their level. There are many staff members in our District on different levels who have unique obligations to fulfill. Staff are encouraged to communicate issues or clarification of policy with colleagues in a cordial and respectful manner, following the chain of command.

Employees who believe they are subject to inappropriate behavior should raise their concerns with their administrator, manager or supervisor as soon as possible.

This language is not a replacement for the District's anti-bullying policy. It is an addendum to the current policy on professional behavior of staff and defines that expectation.

ADOPTED: April 2017