Naming a school is an important matter that deserves thoughtful attention. Personal prejudice or favoritism, political pressure, or temporary popularity should not be an influence in choosing a school name. A name with educational significance or inspiration should be chosen. The Committee also feels that it is appropriate to name schools for physical locations; geographical areas; distinguished local, state, and national leaders whose names will lend dignity and stature to the school; or significant or pertinent events.

The Superintendent will prepare for the approval of the Committee a procedure to follow in recommending names for school buildings. Whenever possible, the wishes of the community, including parents and students, should be considered in naming new facilities.

It is expected that an orderly, announced procedure will lessen the community or factional pressures that so quickly build up when the selection is delayed or seems uncertain. A prompt decision will reduce disappointments and advance community solidarity. Much confusion in accounts, files, and records can be avoided if a new school can be identified by name before the planning starts.

Adopted: October 14, 2014