1. The principal of each school, with the assistance of his head custodian, has the responsibility for the inspection of every room, corridor, and space in the school. Purposes of inspections are to remove any fire hazards, to insure that flammable supplies and materials are properly stored, to check the condition and proper location of all fire extinguishers and alarms, and to insure that there is no obstruction in any corridor or stairway.
  2. Fire drills are required and regulated by the Leicester Fire Department. The schools will cooperate with the fire department in maintaining fire-safe conditions within all school buildings and in regularly conducting fire drills.
  3. The principal of each school shall formulate a plan for the protection and evacuation of all persons in event of a fire. This plan shall include alternative means of egress. Each plan shall be presented to and be approved by the head of the fire department.
  4. Instructions for fire drills will be printed in the teachers’ and students’ handbooks. Instructions with regard to the primary and secondary exit routes will be posted in a prominent place near the door of every room.
  5. The principal will be responsible for briefing substitute teachers regarding evacuation procedures appropriate to their assignments. Substitute teachers will demonstrate to the principal that evacuation procedures are understood.
  6. Every occupant of each building shall be advised of fire drill procedures within three days after the start of school each year.
  7. For each drill teachers will take the attendance lists with them. All doors and windows must be closed and lights turned off. The fire drill shall include the complete removal of teachers and students from the building in an orderly manner by means of designated fire exits to places of safety on grounds outside the building. The name of any student missing will be reported to the principal. The fire drill “all clear signals” will be given at the end of the fire drill.
  8. In the event of fire, drill procedures must be followed. It is vitally important that teachers and administrators act forcibly and calmly to maintain order and prevent panic.
  9. After a thorough search has been concluded and nothing found, the Chief of Police shall notify the Superintendent of Schools or the building principal that reopen entry will be permitted.
  10. The Chief of Police shall notify the state fire marshal at his own discretion.
  11. Any decision regarding the dismissal of pupils will be made by the Superintendent of Schools or, in his absence, by the building principal after the above procedure has been followed and upon receiving recommendations of the Chief of Police.

Adopted: Prior to 2013