Personnel and school department officials who incur expenses in car­rying out their authorized duties will be reimbursed by the school department upon submission of a properly completed and approved voucher and any supporting receipts required by the Superintendent.
When official travel by personally owned vehicle is authorized, mileage payment will generally be made at the rate currently approved by the Committee. Additional travel allowances will be provided in accordance with individual contracts of employment.
To the extent budgeted for such purposes in the school budget, ap­proval of travel requests will be as follows:
1. Travel expenses by School Committee members in excess of $1,000 must have prior approval of the School Committee.

2. Travel expenses for other staff members must have prior approval of the superintendent or designee. 3. Each individual request will be judged on the basis of its benefit to the school system.

ADOPTED: Prior to 2013
REVISED: October 13, 2015

LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 40:5; 44:58