The School Committee will encourage the administration to seek and secure all possible sources of state, federal, and other special funds that will enhance the educational opportunities for the child­ren in our schools.

The Superintendent will keep informed of all possible funds avail­able to the school system under the various state and federal pro­grams, and in what manner these funds can best be used in the school system.
The Superintendent will be responsible for seeking out and coordin­ating the development of proposals for all specially funded pro­jects and for submitting the proposals to the Committee for approv­al.
The Superintendent is authorized to sign all reports for these pro­jects and will be responsible for the proper expenditure of funds received for such projects.

Adopted: Prior to 2013

LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 44:53A
P.L. 874 Impact Aid
Board of Education 603 CMR 32:00; 34:00