1. The Chairman or School Committee may appoint members to sub-committees at the meeting for organization or at any time during the year.
  2. The main purpose of sub-committee is to investigate and become informed about an issue or area of concern and then report its findings back to the School Committee.
  3. The School Committee may empower a sub-committee to take action on its behalf. It may choose to ratify an action taken by a sub-committee.
  4. Except as noted in paragraph 3 above, a sub-committee has no power to make decisions which bind the School Committee as a whole. A sub-committee may make recommendations to the School Committee. Final action must then be taken by the School Committee acting as a corporate body.
  5. The Chairman may appoint members or other individuals to represent the School Committee on external committees or at functions of other organizations and groups. An appointee may and should express the interests of the School Committee and should serve as an information source for the School Committee. The appointee may make recommendations to the School Committee but may not take any action which binds the School Committee.

ADOPTED: Prior to 2013