The Leicester School Committee supports the inclusion of up to two high school student representatives to the School Committee each year. Preferably, one student will be a member of the junior class and one student will be a member of the senior class. Each such student representative will serve in a nonvoting capacity, although he or she will be encouraged to weigh in on all matters of concern to the student body. Each student representative shall attend business meetings and shall be encouraged to attend workshop meetings. Each shall act as a liaison between the School Committee and the student body. Student representatives shall be excluded from executive sessions.

Each student representative shall serve a two-year term (defined as two complete school years). The procedures for nomination and selection of a student liaison to the School Committee are outlined in policy BBAB-R.

Cross-reference: BABB-R Student Liaison Guidelines

ADOPTED: October 8, 2013
REVISED: December 8, 2015