The legal basis for public education in the District is vested in the will of the people as expressed in the Constitution of Massachusetts and state statutes pertaining to education.

Under the General Laws of Massachusetts, "... Every town shall maintain... a sufficient number of schools for the instruction of all children who may legally attend a public school therein."

The public educational system of Leicester structurally is a department of the town operated under laws pertaining to education and under regulations of the Massachusetts Board of Education. The area served by the Leicester Public Schools is coterminous with the Town of Leicester.

Established by law.
LEGAL REFS.: Constitution of Massachusetts, Part II, Chapter V, Section II
M.G.L. 71:1
CROSS REF.: BB, School Committee Legal Status
Historical Note: Massachusetts has the oldest public school system in the nation. Dating back to 1647, the laws of the Massachusetts Bay Colony required towns to provide for a program of public education.

ADOPTED: October 8, 2013